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call me sam
13 June 2013 @ 06:17 pm

it has been agES since i last made some icons and i didn't use photoshop to do something challenging. so i literally forgot hOW TO ICON.

so these things look absolutely look hideous but i'm gonna work on doing better when i'm -offically- off school.

and i also made some textures. i'm not sure if you find them useful but since the last package i made loved more than i expected i wanted to make more :') (this is the prev one by the way: http://smyra0.livejournal.com/5569.html#comments)

so, here they are...

tv: hannibal, game of thrones, teen wolf, orphan black, new girl, doctor who, lost, shameless, my mad fat diary.
film: the hunger games, sucker punch, marie antoinette, beginners, the help.

 photo will_zps748e5728.png  photo sawyer_zpsfc82d8af.png  photo iconasss_zps047af680.png

 photo texturebysmyra0_zps9cf87734.png

ok... aRE U SURE??Collapse )

Hope you like it! :')

call me sam
27 June 2012 @ 07:13 pm

well, i have been making icons for a long long time. but since there was lots of school stuff like exams i have been dealing, i couldn't post it and there was really few. so i made a couple of more icons. and there is a OUAT psd. i just loved how it looks and wanted to share. and since i'm done for school for now and came back from my holiday, i hope i will be able to post more icons. (i'm not sure at this moment 'cause we might move to an another house, so, when i'm dealing with that shit i wouldn't be allowed to make any which is totally sucks.) anyway, that's all for now! feel free to use any of them if you like but please do not hotlink and forget to credit. bye :) 

69 icons+1 psd

and one psd:

there are ghosts in winterfell and i am one of themCollapse )
call me sam
11 June 2012 @ 09:38 pm

oh gawd finally finished these icons. i've been working on these shitty things like for hours. and it's been a long time since i last made icons. so result isn't like what i had expected but anyways, finally finished pheww.
For [info]hpotterelite

mmmm okayCollapse )